Newman Supply List

1. Two canvasses at least 36 by 36, or larger your preference I would not go larger than a 40 by 40 for newcomers. Most Canvases come pre-treated; I DO NOT want you to gesso the canvas yourself as well. Look for sales I do it all the time If I see one I will email to let you all know

2. Two large sheets of Watercolor Paper at least 140 Lb. any brand, I prefer Arches but Canson and Strathmore are totally fine as well and are more affordable. Hobby Lobby carries all three

3. Any palette knives you may have large to small. I use these like crazy Hobby Lobby Has Wonderful Palette knives that are very affordable, I can’t live without them. Attached Pic In Email

4. From Hobby Lobby and Michael's

2-inch flat brush by Master Touch

The Long-handled detail brush by Master Touch with the red label. It will say oil and acrylic #4 I use this brush a lot! 

1 oval size 8 or larger which can be an inexpensive, brand no problem. We will be pretty hard on the brushes, you don't want or need the best brands here.

A Color Wheel, I got mine from Hobby Lobby.

5. Acrylic Color’s:

I use a variety of brands from Masters Touch to Binders and Golden's. I typically use the cheaper brands for the painting which is totally fine and then use Golden's for the last finishing touches and pops of sparkle.

*I do not want you to buy heavy body paints! Regular body is what you are looking for here 

-Titanium White
-Permanent Black
-Neutral Grey
-Unbleached Titanium
-Milky White or it may say creamy white, I use a ton of this color, I get it at Hobby Lobby and I love it 
-Cadmium Red Med
-Yellow Deep
-Ultra-Marine Blue
-Hookers Green

*The Golden Fluid Acrylics are optional but are wonderful to have

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold - Fluid Acrylics Golden's

Alizarin Crimson Fluid Acrylics- Goldens

6. Additional Supplies:

The Color Shaper Is optional, but it’s nice to have. 

Colour Shaper® Silicone Brush Wide Flat Tip 3 inch: Silicone, Flat, Firm or a 2inch is fine as well. You can find these at Amazon you can also use the Princeton Catalyst 6-inch wedge it works just as well and I think it’s about 6 bucks. You can find these at most Michaels Hobby Lobby or any Art store Binders Blick etc.

*Hobby Lobby now carries the two inch color shaper which is totally fine as well.

A pallet for your paint I use a glass tray for easy clean up plus when the paint dries overnight we can scape it up and reincorporate it into the piece. These are called acrylic skins. they’re wonderful.... but it will only work with a glass pallet. I got mine at a thrift store. It’s a serving trayand I love it

A spray bottle for water

Small bucket or container for water 2 1/2 quart, you can find these at Home Depot

Metal Hair pic I think I got mine at the Dollar Store, plastic is totally fine if you cannot find it

An offset Spatula - I get mine at Walmart in the Wilton cake decorating aisle, Medium to large, they’re wonderful to use. I have them in a ton of sizes from very large to pretty small. Any good Art Store will have them as well

A roll of blue painters’ tape

1 water-soluble graphite stick. Very inexpensive I find them at Binders or Amazon brand Artgraf

1 Art Graf water soluble square they are fabulous and last forever, any color you like (Amazon has them) 

1 pkg unscented Baby Wipes, I buy them by the case at Costco.

An old towel