Nelson Supply List




  • Small sketch book for doing thumbnails and taking notes (pencil or marker) 
  • Paper towels & box of tissues for cleaning 
  • Mineral spirits in a lidded metal or glass container 
  • Grocery plastic bags 
  • Chisel shaped palette knives…steel, not plastic in sizes 1” and 1.5”..get the kind with a bent shaft.

**Palette for mixing paint color.
I use a glass cutting board spray painted with a medium gray on the back for my palette. It’s cheap and lasts. I’ve bought glass cutting boards at both Walmart & K Mart for around $10. Be sure to spray paint the bumpy side in gray.

You can also order a gray-toned paper palette, if you prefer, from It’s called “Grey Matters”. We won’t be using white palettes in this class.


  • Bristle Brushes (flat or filbert) in sizes 4,8,10 
  • Sable Brushes (filbert or flats) in 6,8,10
  • Sable Brushes: small rounds for details 2,4
  • Canvas Panels: I like Pintura canvas panels …you will need 3-4, size 12x16 or 11x14

Paints: For this class, we’ll use Grumbacher as the quality is OK and the price isn’t expensive. Please…don’t buy *student* grade paints…you truly get what you pay for! If you have some of these colors in a different brand, by all means, bring what you have!

Necessary Colors:
Permalba White (big tube), Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Light, Yellow Ochre. Cadmium Red Light, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Thalo Green (Viridian) 

**get studio sized tubes…not the little ones! You will use more than you think and buying bigger saves money.

Additional Colors:
Cadmium Orange, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet, Dioxzine Purple, Thalo Rose(Grumbacher), Raw Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Deep

I’ve set up a teacher’s cart at Jerrysartarama for you to see what I’ve chosen…here is the link: At bottom of opening page, under “Artist Resources” click on “Teachers Class List”. Type in “Sandy Nelson” and you will see both the oil and pastel classes listed.